Say that Lazy Toes sent you.

You should go to Off Campus because we're cheap like that (we meaning Daniele).
Definitely peer into Sophie's Elfwood site and Daniele's Elfwood site for a look at some pictures done by these two lovely ladies. Except Daniele says that her page is super-old and this is true. Her page is like a philosophical Father Time, decrepit and full of crap. So you can make fun of her, or something.
Send some email to our mailbox.
Why don't you mosie on down to Something Positive?
You know what? A good friend of our's has an Elfwood page. Katie-san.
Try this on for size: 8-bit Theater.
Wanna know what we're thinking? Feeling? Not feeling? Smoking? Then check it out. Daniele's Xanga and Sophie's Xanga. Oh, and Slinky's Xanga. Who is Slinky? Who the hell knows?
For random online RPG'ers and boring, desperate people looking to message me with stoopid, nobody-cares things like... "Hello", then go here: Elftown. It kicks some major ass. I mean, some SERIOUS ass. The ass of all asses is being kicked at this moment by the Elftown wiki god.

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